For a budget of Php1.3 million, you and your family can enjoy this charming 2-bedroom house with beautiful blue and white design that’s appealing both inside and out!

Featuring two balconies, a compact floor plan, and a modern design, you can’t get wrong with this house. Pastel blueprints create a nice house that is appealing to the eye while the darker blue tones and white trim add interest to its appearance.

While the house in this photo is newly built and is only set on an empty yard, you can easily update its looks with landscaping to match its beautiful design.

White and Blue Exteriors

The porch juts out in front of the house, with a matching roof that extends towards the front. The two pillars are clad with bricks that make a nice contrast with the pastel-colored walls.

White paint is used on the railings, trims, and other accents on this house while dark marble tiles are used on the floor of the porch.

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