Charming House Design with 2 Bedrooms, Lovely Front Yard

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Many people would love to have a huge house yet there are also others who prefer a smaller, more manageable home for the family. If you are among those people or simply lack space for a grand mansion, then this charming house design might be something that will appeal to you.

The lovely front yard with its small yet lush garden and succulent area creates a welcoming atmosphere for this home. It was created at the spot where most families would use as carport or garage. This house is lucky enough to have space for this little garden and also some space beside it for keeping their car.

Inside, the house actually looks more spacious than it initially looked from the outside. The main door directly opens to the living room with the homey look created by the Earth tones used all over the place.

Small but Lovely Front Yard

Beside the carport and right in front of the main door is a lovely front yard that features some of the owner’s plant collection. The succulents stand tall near the fence.

This lovely house costs around Php1 million to build.