Charming Bahay Kubo with 1 Bedroom, Fire pit and Refreshing Private Pool

It’s everyone’s dream to have a cozy house with a nice yard. But how about adding a private pool to that list? Of course, not everyone wants to have a pool in the yard (plus it’s quite costly to build and maintain!) but we can all dream of this charming Kubo with its lovely loft bedroom, stylish interiors, fire pit, and this refreshing pool.

The bahay kubo is made with a mix of native materials and glass. This beautiful combination looks great even from afar. Truly, it’s a house that you take pride in owning.

There’s a huge yard but it’s largely undeveloped. Yet that adds charm to this spot and lets you enjoy the fresh air throughout the day.

Open Balcony, Outdoor Fire Pit

A flight of stairs leads to the open balcony which doesn’t have any railings, though you can opt to put some for you and your family’s safety while hanging out at this spot.

Just steps away, connected by a footpath, is the private pool with a deck where you can also relax. This is definitely an Instagram-perfect spot.

Welcoming Living Room, Stylish Interiors

A beautiful wooden door opens to the welcoming living room with its stylish furniture. From the inside, you can see that the house looks more modern than its native theme on the outside.

White walls create a lovely contrast with the naturally brown wood used for the floors, doors, and window frames on the French windows.

Charming Bahay Kubu Loft Bedroom with Stunning Lookout Design

The loft bedroom is a cozy spot to rest in, with a large mattress set directly on the floor. In this minimalistic spot, you also sit on the floor on soft cushions.

What we really loved, though, is the stunning lookout design for one wall that doubles as the window for this room.

Charming Loft with 1 Bedroom

Costs for building this house can vary, depending on the wood you’re planning to use but it can be around Php150k to Php250k. The pool can cost more and might be around Php800k to Php1 million.