Although just a tiny home, this charming little cottage is a great place to live in. What makes this extra special is that the tiny cottage actually packs a punch, with impressive interiors that you’d come to expect in bigger, modern homes.

A long concrete walkway from the gate leads to the porch. You can decorate the walkway with stones and plant flowering plants beside it. This tiny cottage best fits a tropical destination, with lots of greenery and trees around.

Though it is just a 1-bedroom house, the interiors look fantastic. It also features a beautiful wooden bed with an ornate design on the headboard.

Native Design, Nature-Friendly House

This house makes use of native materials, inside and out. Bamboo slats are used to decorate the porch and also as floor material. To make sure that the house will last longer, it is set a few feet off the ground. The posts are set on concrete.

Amakan (woven bamboo strips) material is used for the double walling for a cool and beautiful house. To add beauty and durability to this design, the amakan material and bamboo slats are coated with varnish.

This nature-friendly house is great to look at. It is also comfortable to place to live in for solo occupant or couple.

Beautiful Bedroom, Porch Living Room

The native door, also made of double-walled amakan with wood frame, opens directly to the bedroom. There’s a nice queen-sized bed that features a beautiful ornate design. Both the dresser and the matching half-sized closet are made of wood.

Since space is limited, the porch acts as the living room. There’s also a hammock.

Modern Bathroom

Don’t worry about this native cottage being ‘too native’ because some parts provide modern comforts. Take for example the modern bathroom with checkered tiles and white fixtures.

A tiny native house like this only costs less than Php100,000 to build.