Choosing a small home doesn’t have to be boring because you can find lots of charming little homes with cute designs, just like the one we’re sharing below.

A sweet home that’s pleasing to the eyes, it comes with a nice porch at the front, a garage-inspired extension at the side, and a lovely courtyard decked with bricks.

It also features a nice living room, a small but equipped kitchen, and a sweet bedroom.

It’s certainly a cute place to call home – and the exterior walls are even painted with a lovely shade of green that’s soothing to the eyes.

The indoor and outdoor areas have different tile designs and colors, defining each specific space without needing walls.

Lovely Exteriors, Modern Little Home

There’s a lot to love in this modern little home, starting with the contemporary design and its nice porch.

This spot is perfect for hanging out, enjoying the breeze, and talking with friends or simply having fun on your own.

The roof contours around the house, but has a separate awning at the side extension.

Beautiful Interiors, Elegant Furnishings

The charming home features beautiful interiors, with white walls that create a sophisticated backdrop for the furnishings and décor.

There’s a gray-colored sofa set in the living room and curtain-free windows with a frame that matches the color of the door.

Stylish lights and eclectic décor also brighten up this home.

Open-shelf cabinets make a good place to store and also display various things you need in the kitchen, including lovely pots and pans as well as some common pantry items.

Nice Kitchen, Comfy Bedroom

Set towards the back is a nice kitchen with a skirt-style cover under the sink in lieu of cabinet doors. The L-shaped counters also have ample space for easy meal preparations.

While the bedroom is small, it’s a comfy place to relax and have a good night’s rest.

Prepare around Php1 million to build this kind of home, though you’ll likely need more to create a more stylish space.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses