Many people have this notion that an open, studio-type floor plan is the best choice for small houses. Yet there are tiny homes that surprised us with two bedrooms by creating a compact and truly impressive floor plan without any wasted space.

Just like this charming little house that managed to squeeze in two bedrooms in its cozy floor plan. There’s even space for a functional kitchen and a small porch. Lovely, isn’t it?

The gable roof is suitable for its charming look because a flat roof on this one can make the place look boring. Large windows open up the space, creating the illusion of bigger interiors.

Cute but Functional Tiny Home with Modern Design

Some people might think that this house is too tiny for them, but this can be perfect for a small family. You can even have this rented out as an AirBNB unit or a vacation home.

The cute little house has a charming façade that includes a small porch with built-in benches. That’s clever for maximizing the space without adding chairs.

Stylish Home, Great Interiors

There’s a lot to love in this small home. It features sliding glass doors to maximize the space yet also provide a stylish entryway.

The doors open directly to the living room that you can equip with a space-saving couch. Because of the limited space, you can add foldable tables to create a dining area when needed.

Surprisingly, this house creates a wall between the kitchen and the living room instead of an open plan which can make the space bigger. But it’s also likely that they wanted to put a wall to define the space and have a spot for the TV.

But you can also change the floor plan to your liking or perhaps just mount the TV from the ceiling to get this wall out, if you want more space.

A house like this can be built for less than Php1 million.

Source: บ้านและสวน (Home and Garden)