There are so many house designs for us to consider these days, yet there’s still something appealing about a native house, right? Just like this house with its amakan walls that create a beautiful look, yet the interiors and roofs are modern. It features a cozy balcony, lovely living room with dining area, and a comfortable bedroom.

It’s not a huge house, but it can be a cozy home for you and your family. It uses a mix of native and modern materials to ensure that your house looks good yet can last longer than if it was made of purely native, bamboo items.

Concrete Walls and Posts, Beautiful Porch

This house features concrete walls and posts that can last much longer than wood ones. But because amakan is budget-friendly and also looks great, this material is used for the exteriors in what’s locally known as double-walling.

Just like other modern homes, this one features a beautiful porch at the front that’s also made of amakan with concrete floors. There’s a roof that extends from the sides of the house towards the edge of the porch. You can opt to extend that roof four about half a meter but make sure the edge is higher than 6ft.

Compact but Lovely Interiors

The door opens to a cozy living room with bamboo furnishings. There are also some plastic chairs in this section that you can easily keep if you don’t have visitors around.

Green is used for the interior walls of this charming little home, but it could also use some upgrades on the floor. This home could look better with some shiny floor tiles and white ceilings.

Comfortable Bedroom, Modern Bathroom

One corner of the house is occupied by the bedroom which shares the same design as the rest of the house. It features green walls and jalousie windows.

This house also features a modern bathroom plus a semi-outdoor kitchen set to the side. It might cost you around Php100k to Php150k to build this house.