Having a limited budget should not limit you from building a nice house for your family. That’s what a family did as they built this charming Thai-style wooden house with 1 bedroom and a lovely balcony, all for an affordable budget of just Php250k ($4,900).

Perfect for a small family with just around 2-3 members, this house only features 1 bedroom but has ample space for relaxation and having fun.

Charming Thai-Style Wooden House with 1 Bedroom

The architect who designed the home made sure to put attention to detail so that even on a budget, it manages to look great. The Thai-style gable roof perfectly complements the low raised floor, wooden balcony, and charming cottage feel of this home.

Large Balcony

Although this house is small, is boasts of a large balcony that doubles as the living room for receiving guests anytime of the day. The spacious balcony is airy and lovely, with wooden balusters and a crisscross gate.

Charming Thai-Style front

The balcony is accessed from a short flight of stairs, also made of wood. This large balcony extends towards one side, creating an L shape towards the area where the main door is located.