Many people dream of living in a wood house in the province, with lots of plants and beautiful views all around. That’s what this house was able to achieve, with its beautiful design, lovely balcony, and lots of greens in the gardens and fields. There’s even a fish pond at one side.

Wood House, Beautiful Design

This house features a beautiful design that makes use of a mix of natural materials such as wood with modern items such as GI sheets.

The design is actually perfect for a narrow lot, but this house was built on land with a big area. Although it looks small and simple from one angle, the other side is actually long and expansive.

Gable Roof Design, Lovely Balcony

The gable roof design looks great on this home, with the roof extending down to the side to perfectly cover the balcony area.

This balcony is made of wood, with slabs kept in their natural form but leveled, sanded, and covered with clear lacquer to ensure they will last longer. The railings are also made of wood, though you might want to put the wood closer to each other and also longer, especially if you have kids around.

Stylish House, Beautiful Windows

This home features beautiful stained-glass windows that are similar to the ones you can find in a church. The effect is actually good on this home and makes it look more beautiful. You can opt to pick other glass styles for the window, but this one would be a perfect fit for this kind of wood house.

Wood frames are also used for the windows.

More Wood Materials, Lush Gardens

The exterior of this home uses a wood and batten design but made sure that all the materials are kept as natural as possible. It’s truly a home that’s fitting for a house in the province, yet would also be great for the city if you can find these materials to use.

Lush gardens with lots of plants plus a fishpond can also be found around this home.

Depending on the type of wood used, you can build this house for around Php1.8 million.