Charming Wooden House with 1 Bedroom and Small Garden

A charming wooden house with 1 bedroom and a small garden to match, this would truly make a lovely little home or vacation house for your family. Set at least 1 meter off the ground, this house has a big porch that extends to create a walkway.

The main part of the house is painted in blue while the rest are in natural brown. Glass windows are used on all walls of the house while a flat roof offers a nice shelter from the elements. The porch has a separate roof while the walkway doesn’t have any.

A small garden beside the house complements its cottage theme while also providing fresh vegetables for the family.

Simple but Nice Exteriors

This house might have a simple boxy design but it has nice exteriors that appeal to the eyes. The elevated walkway would also make a great spot for displaying your most beautiful plants.


Wood is used for most parts of the house, with the porch designed to have two levels. The higher area features a built-in bench so you wouldn’t have to buy additional furniture for this area. The porch also doubles as the outdoor living room for your home.

1-Bedroom Beauty

Because this house is small, it only has space for 1 bedroom. This lovely bedroom is set to the right of the main door, with frames also made of wood to perfectly match the rest of the house.

The portion where the bedroom is located does not have a window that opens to the porch area but the rest of its exterior sides have glass windows.

Versatile Space

The space inside the house that isn’t allocated for the bedroom may be used as living room but this spot could also be used for the kitchen and dining area. You can simply entertain your guests at the porch.

Depending on the wood used and other materials, this 1-bedroom home may be built for around Php100k to Php250k.