These days, a lot of homeowners choose simple house designs for practical reasons. Not only are small, compact homes faster and cheaper to build, these are also easier to maintain. Electricity bills are usually smaller because you don’t have to spend a lot on lights and cooling or heating facilities.

But cheap does not always mean looking bad and too simple. There are lots of ways to make a cheap home still look great, both inside and outside!

Plus, landscaping the yard could do a lot of good for your home, adding to the curb appeal even if your home is small and simple.

In this cheap house, the box-like design keeps the house simple and cheap; yet added details in the design still make it stylish. The house is at ground level, keeping the need for additional construction materials at a minimum.

The entire front area is made into a porch, making this home larger than its interior floor area. The porch area can double into an extra living room and hang out with friends and family.