A stylish contemporary design is a great feature for this colorful house with exterior walls painted in a beautiful shade of blue and yellow, plus some accents in red.

Colorful House with Stylish Contemporary Design

White trim is used around the windows and the huge sliding glass doors. The color scheme continues to the back area.

The house comes with 2 bedrooms, both with beautiful paint colors and stylish designs. The kitchen is located towards the back, with a nice door that opens to the back area. You can set up a laundry area at this spot.

Colorful House frontview

A great place to live in, this modern home comes with a spacious living room and stylish ceilings.

Modern House Design, Beautiful Porch

This house features a modern design with flat roofs and a beautiful porch at the front. The entrance to the porch is through the side; though you can always adjust this to the front, depending on your preference and the lot shape.

Black steel railings are used around the porch for a sleek, stylish look. There are also sandstone accents on the pillars.

Lovely Interiors, Stylish House

The house features lovely interiors that have marble-inspired tiles. There’s a nice carpet by the living room, adding beauty to this spot. An oversized leather couch provides a comfortable place to relax while you have fun watching your favorite movies on the flat-screen TV.

The ceilings of this modern home also look so beautiful, with a recessed style that has lights to create a beautiful effect.

Beautiful Bedrooms

The bedrooms of this house come in lovely colors that make these spaces look so beautiful. Large sliding glass windows are used in these rooms, creating spaces that are comfortable with lots of fresh air.

You can furnish these rooms with any stylish furnishings you want to put there. You can also opt for built-in cabinets and double decks.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

The modern kitchen comes with black granite tiles with white trim. There’s a water filter for fresh, clean water plus a hood placed over the cooking area.

This lovely 3-bedroom house costs around Php1.2 million to build.