Having a home is something that is a priority for many people, though building one isn’t always easy. But there are also those who wish to have a home in many places so they don’t have to spend a lot of money on hotel rooms!

Well, there are those who build a trailer home instead. This allows them to have a mobile home that they can bring to anywhere they like. This is a big advantage because you don’t have to pack and unpack everywhere you go. Plus, this comes really handy in these days of pandemics as you can’t always trust all hotels to disinfect each nook and cranny at all times.

This colorful trailer home with a loft bed and complete amenities is a dream home for so many people.

Colorful Design, Stylish Home

The sloping roof takes aerodynamics into consideration so that the house itself won’t drag the main vehicle down. But the colorful design creates a statement that this house is a fun place to live in! It looks beautiful inside and out – and would be something that you can be proud of taking anywhere you go.

Modern Living Room and Dining Area

Considering the limited space, it is important to be flexible in your tiny home. Thus, this house has a modern living room that also doubles as the dining area. The cube set ensures that the sofa can be reconfigured to any position you want so that this spot can also become an extra sleeping area when needed.

Separate Kitchen, Loft Bedroom

Quite amazingly, this house even has a fully functioning kitchen with ample counter space for preparing your food. There’s even space for useful kitchen appliances. Since you don’t have a fridge, an ice bucket would really come handy in this home.

Towards the end of this lovely trailer home is a loft bedroom that even has tiny windows so you can still look out and enjoy the scenery while enjoying your privacy.

This beautiful trailer home can be built for less than Php1 million. Just make sure that the bed is sturdy and the wheels are heavy duty.