Surrounded by a beautiful garden, this compact 2-bedroom house is a superb place to live in for a small or medium-sized family. It features a lovely porch at the front that lets you enjoy the relaxing view.

Although small, this house features a compact design that still lets you have it all. There’s ample space for fun and relaxation, inside and outside this lovely home.

Its modern design features a flat roof that slopes towards the back while the sliding glass doors upgrades this house’s look into a sophisticated dwelling even with its cottage size. Inside, this home features beautiful white walls that you can easily decorate anyway you want them to look.

Modern Cottage

This compact home is the size of a cottage but don’t be fooled by the floor plan because it is a gorgeous home that ensures you have everything you need. The garden around the house creates a refreshing atmosphere where you can relax.

The main entrance is through double sliding glass doors framed in white.

Lovely Porch

A smaller roof juts out over the front porch that’s supported by three posts painted to match the color of the rest of the house.

Steel railings are painted in white, matching the trim all over the place. The porch has shiny brown tiles that actually complement the house’s Earth tones.

Beautiful Indoors

This modern home has 2 bedrooms, each with lovely wooden doors painted in dark brown. These create a beautiful contrast with the white walls of the living room. The floors are also topped with shiny white tiles.

Although the space is small, this compact house ensures that there’s still ample space for a nice living room and dining area. The kitchen is located towards the back where you can also find the bathroom that also features white walls and tiles. Some cutesy accent tiles brighten up the bathroom space.

This compact sized 2-bedroom house may be built for around Php600,000.