The modern, stylish design of this compact 3-bedroom house is a good choice for you and your family to live in. Its nice colors make it a beautiful place to live while the interiors spell comfort anytime of the year.

Although it has a somewhat boxy design that you might come to expect in modern homes, this one creates beautiful angles and some unique accents. In short, this is not your typical boxy modern house.

White trim is used to frame the windows and doors, creating an interesting effect on the façade. The porch’s stylish porch roof and support adds charm to the design. It’s a home that you can be proud of.

Superb Design Features

This house makes use of lines and colors to create an interesting effect on the design. Orange prints appear to frame the windows while the blue roof is something you might not expect from the grey house.

Set on a short platform, this house could easily extend to the side to make space for a carport. The kitchen portion actually juts out towards the back and has a roof of its own. But the design pattern created at the front also runs to the back.

Colorful Interiors

Inside, the house has colorful walls that create a welcoming atmosphere even for guests. The living room is painted in yellow while the bedrooms have light blue walls. Sliding glass windows make the house look sophisticated.

The rooms are compact but still have ample space for a bed and a built-in closet.

Spacious Kitchen

Jutting out to the back part, the spacious kitchen is painted in light green. The L-shaped counters look great at one corner, with sliding glass windows on both sides. The cabinets have tile walls and wood doors.

The bathroom looks elegant and has floor tiles that resemble a honeycomb.

This compact 3-bedroom house has a living area of 63 sqm and was built for around Php1.2 million.