Searching for a budget-friendly yet lovely home? That’s something you can achieve with a compact house with a stylish design, such as this one. It comes with glass windows, a lovely door that combines wood and glass, a great ceiling design, and an open plan for the interiors.

A house that you can truly be proud of, this compact home looks so stylish inside and out. Most of the walls are painted in plain white, though there is a portion in the interiors that comes with prints as an accent.

Because of its size, this house is perfect for a couple or someone living alone. But even though it’s tiny, your family can still live here, though you have to make a lot of compromise for sharing the limited space.

Contemporary House Design

This compact home has a contemporary design that’s pleasing to the eyes. The white walls create a beautiful contrast between the wooden door and the minimalist surroundings.

Many homeowners don’t like white for the exterior walls because it can easily get dirty and unsightly! So, you can also opt to pick a different color for your home. But white does look superb – just be prepared for regular cleaning that’s more often than you would another home.

Compact Spaces, Open Plan Home

This house looks like a beautiful model home for some studio condo unit, but with the perfect look of a detached house. The compact interiors put everything in one place – the living room, bedroom, and dining area.

It’s a challenge to find space in this tiny home, but you can use furniture that converts to different pieces so you can use them for different purposes, as needed.

This design would also work great for an extra guest room or home office. Building this stylish home takes around Php600,000 or less.