Who said that a 3-bedroom house has to be huge and expensive? When building a home, aesthetics are important but the functions of each part of the house must also be taken into consideration, particularly if you don’t have plenty of lot space to expand the home in the future.

In this simple but convenient small house, the engineer managed to create a three-bedroom design even with limited space. There’s even space for a separate living room and kitchen with a dining area.

The main entrance to this building features a carport to one side and a tiled patio where you can relax. The main door directly opens to the living room while a small corridor leads to the kitchen area where you can also put a table for the dining room.

One bedroom, the larger master’s bedroom, is separated from the two smaller ones that are set at the other side of the house.

This compact house only has one shared toilet and bathroom, but this is a regular feature in most small homes.

To create the illusion of space, this house features huge French windows and a slightly sloping flat roof, with creative designs that add curb appeal to this small home.

A number of homeowners might feel so much safer by adding grills to the windows of this home, particularly in areas that have huge windows in the bedrooms.

This charming house is great for any location, whether beside the sea or inside a gated community. You can simply landscape the lot around this home for a lovelier effect and better curb appeal.

Though there are many factors to consider, this home could be built for a budget of Php1.5 million. That might give you a rough, basic finish at first, but you can always add more to the beauty of this home when the budget allows.