While having a huge resort-like house in a stunning location is a dream for many, you don’t really need a large house to live in comfort and style. Even compact homes can look great, especially when you choose both form and function when building your house.

In this single-story house, that’s easy to clean and maintain, every bit of space is well-thought-of; this ensures that the house has a functional design that’s perfect for the family.

Three Bedroom House with Functional Design

With three bedrooms, this home is great for families just starting out or even if the kids are already big.

Sliding glass doors already give a hint that this house is a modern abode. Floor-length curtains provide privacy inside the house, but can easily be moved to the side to let fresh air and natural light in.

Three Bedroom House with Functional Design 2

The living room is a welcoming spot right by the door; while the dining area is just beside it.

But the kitchen is placed towards the back of the house, closed off from the rest of the house with its own door. Though the house only has one door for getting in and out of the building, you can opt to add one in the kitchen.

Three Bedroom House with Functional Design 3

Two of the bedrooms are similarly sized and a bit larger than the third one. Built-in cabinets would make great additions to these lovely bedrooms – and you can decorate each one with a different theme, depending on the preferences of whoever will stay inside.

Three Bedroom House with Functional Design 4

For example, you could always style your little girl’s room with princess furniture and décor.

The two bathrooms in this modern home are of similar style and layout. One is accessed from the Master’s Bedroom, while the other is a shared bathroom.

Three Bedroom House with Functional Design 5

This compact 3-bedroom home is painted in grey tones, with a grey roof; however, you can always use a different color and even use rock tiles for better curb appeal.