Compact-Sized Wooden House Design for a Small Family on a Budget

This would be perfect for a small family and could easily be expanded as the family grows, and once the budget allows.2 min


If you’re on a budget and still have other things to take care of aside from building a house, it’s a good idea to simply pick a compact house design where everything is packed in a small, economical space that would fit your budget.

A simple house that’s perfect in a rural setting but also makes a good idea even in an urban setting, this raised home features mostly wooden materials plus a roof made of GI sheets.

Yet even if it is a small home, this charming little cottage features a modern design that’s pleasing to the eye. A short flight of wooden stairs leads everyone to a small porch that could fit a chair or two for hanging out.

The raised platform in this little home is open. This is something that is actually quite common in provincial areas.

It is easy to see that even if this house is budget-friendly, there are still plenty of details that make it look sophisticated. The door and the ceiling are painted white; a sharp but pleasing contrast with the blue walls.

Inside, the interior wows guests! The brick-inspired walls in the living room and dining area make this house look more elegant. This comes as a surprise because the house looks pretty simple from the outside.

The glass windows have wooden frames also painted in white, to match the door and the ceiling. Modern fixtures upgrade this house and make it look much better than expected.

There’s a small bedroom in this compact home that fits one bed. Push this bed up the wall to create a bigger space in the room. Even the bedroom has a modern look, with three walls painted in white while one is an accent wall painted in purple.

This budget-friendly house is easy on the wallet but still looks elegant!