This condo unit design for a small studio provides you with a comfortable place to stay, whether you plan on living alone or with a small family. It features a small but well-equipped kitchen, a dining area that also doubles as work station, living room that can also add a sleeping space, and a double-deck bed with trundle for an added sleeping spot.

Most studio units are small, with just around 25 sqm of space.

While this works for many people because of its small size that’s easier to maintain and keep clean, it’s also challenging to furnish such a tiny space to fit a family. But this impressive condo unit design features everything you need – and it’s stylish, too!

Stylish Condo Unit

Who said you can’t make a small space look good? This condo unit has an impressive style, with elegant features and some styling tricks that make it appear much bigger than it actually is.

Stylish lights were carefully picked for this unit while minimalistic displays adorn some spots. To avoid clutter but also provide plenty of storage space, this unit features lots of built-in cabinets that are carefully designed to still be in harmony with the rest of the room.

Functional Yet Lovely Sections

Like many studio units, this one has the kitchen area right by the entrance. The bathroom is also opposite this space.

Though small, the kitchen comes well equipped with compact yet useful appliances to meet your daily cooking demands. The dining area doubles as a work station or even a study spot for the kids. It comes with a table that has wheels for easy movement and storage.

Comfortable Space to Live in

The main bed is actually a double deck but also features a trundle that you can pull for added sleeping space. The sofa in the living room also converts to a bed. This small unit can surprisingly accommodate five people.

Depending on whether you’ll build from scratch or simply decorate this interior space, this unit could cost you anywhere from Php200,000 to Php1 million or more.