How do you imagine a container house would look? For many, it might seem like a small, hot, and boring place to live in – but that’s disproven by a family who built a fabulous container house for Php800k, with lots of great design features you’ll love. It’s certainly not your typical container house, especially because the interiors look really amazing. The living room and dining area look like they came straight out of the pages of a house design magazine.

This cozy home even has a hidden storage area in the wall near the dining table. It’s perfect for stashing your valuables, cash and boxes of chocolates included.

Great Design Features for a Modern Container Home

Everything seems to have been designed well for this 55-square meter container home. There’s a patio outside that’s perfect for hanging out because it’s beneath a shade. Plus, there are lots of plants and trees around the house, creating cool, fresh place to relax.

There are bedrooms on the first and second floor areas, creating space for everyone in the family. But everyone gets to enjoying hanging out at the cozy living room with its oversized sectional sofa that you can also use as day bed.

Modern Kitchen with Wooden Countertops

Having a well-equipped kitchen makes food preparation a breeze in this modern home. You can even feel proud of its wooden countertops.

There’s a dining room that shares space with the living room and kitchen, yet the patio is also a great place to enjoy a meal with its full kitchen. The family explained that they really invested in the kitchen because they love to cook.

Nice Bedrooms, Stylish Interiors

The family also made sure that the rooms are cozy. Each bedroom is made from one container van and can fit a queen-sized bed.

Watch the house tour here: