Suitable for a small to a medium-sized family, a 2-bedroom house with a modern design provides ample space for your needs while keeping the place much easier to maintain.

With an emphasis on its modern style, this contemporary 1-story house features two bedrooms, a comfortable living room, and a small porch where you can hang out and relax at the end of the day.

The modern roof style complements the modern look of this lovely house, with large glass windows creating an illusion of space even in such a limited home.

Access to the house is provided by a short flight of stairs that lead you to the porch.

Huge glass doors and glass walls make the living room a modern hangout that you can keep more private with some floor-length curtains.

Keep the glass walls as it provides better lighting to the room and makes the place actually look bigger.

A short hallway of sorts provides access to the bedrooms, kitchen, and the single toilet and bathroom in this cozy house.

The room at the front is best for the master’s bedroom. You can opt to push the bed to the corner to create a bigger space inside the room. Huge mirrors could be added inside the rooms to make the place appear larger.

The other room at the back is actually the same size as the one in the front; thus, you can pick any room as master’s bedroom. Similarly, the bed can also be pushed to the corner in this other room to add more space.

Built-in cabinets would be great for this home.

The kitchen is located at the back portion of the house. While some netizens were curious where the dining room in this house might be, a table inside the kitchen would easily convert it into a dining room as well.

Another option is to rearrange the living room to provide some space for a dining table.

At the back, you can put a lanai or back porch.

Image credits: House and Decors