With its high ceilings and beautiful design, this 3-bedroom house is a great place to live in and would easily fit in anywhere you build it, whether by the sea or in a posh, gated community. The impressive structure is a product of careful planning – and you’ll surely appreciate the details created on this one.

The modern house features a tall structure that actually makes the house appear as if it has a second floor. The outstanding front porch has beautiful brown pattern tiles and artificial wood paneling that exude beauty and style.

Inside the house, you will also find stylish interior design that makes the place an impressive place for anyone to live in.

Grand Structure

This grand 3-bedroom house is an impressive structure that easily catches the eye even from afar. This would be perfect in a lot with huge grounds.

The porch at the front features stainless steel railings while the carport at the side has reinforced steel posts to support the structure. This carport can accommodate several vehicles.

Beautiful Interiors

As expected in this grand home, the interiors look fantastic! The spacious hall easily accommodates the living room and dining area. The recessed ceiling has a charming chandelier and various lights to ensure proper illumination.

The bedrooms are huge and have beautiful brown doors in a shade of brown that matches the baseboards and accents on the ceiling.

Some walls are made entirely of glass, creating a better effect that makes the house look even larger than ever. This also ensures that you can easily admire the view, inside or outside the house.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

The kitchen is large and comes fully equipped with various appliances. There is also plenty of space in case you want to add more stuff. The granite kitchen counters are gorgeous while sliding glass windows ensure you can always enjoy the view and have excellent ventilation.

Impressive Bathrooms

This home features 2 bathrooms, both with impressive interior design. One has a grey theme while the other is in brown. Both look fantastic and are equipped with modern sanitary ware.

This 3-bedroom house is built upwards of Php2 million.