Contemporary Design for 2-Bedroom House with 1 Bathroom

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Though it only has 2 bedrooms, this house with a contemporary design is a great place to live for a growing family. You can always opt to add a room in the future or use double decks for the beds.

This modern home does not have a porch but the yard around it can easily be converted into a lovely picnic spot. The main entrance to the house is through the sliding glass doors that directly open to the elegant living room.

The walls around the house are painted mostly in natural concrete gray but there’s an accent section made of bricks at the front portion. The battens are also painted in terracotta to match the bricks while planters are placed at the bottom to beauty the place.

Modern House Design

The flat roof easily gives away the modern design of this 2-bedroom house. The gray walls are interspaced by dark-tinted glass windows with black frames that also match the main doors.

A 2-bedroom house like this can be built for around Php1 million.