Got a big beachfront property and some extra cash to build a huge home? Check out this contemporary 4-bedroom beach house with unique design features that make it look extra special.

It’s a comfortable place to stay but makes sure that every stylish detail also creates a welcoming space that’s nice to look at, anytime of the year.

With convenience and beauty from the ground up, this house features a modern entryway that’s decorated in rock tiles.

The large door opens to the living room.

The stairs and a toilet are set just a few steps to the right of the living room while the door to the lower-floor bedroom also shares this area.

A bar separates the living room from the dining area and kitchen.

The modern kitchen features granite tiles and built-in cabinets while a glass 6-seater table is set in the dining area.

The second floor mainly consists of the bedrooms, with the much larger master’s bedroom located at the front portion of the house.

Large cabinets are set to one wall while the other wall opens to a small balcony.

The master’s bedroom also has a small ensuite toilet and bath while the two rooms at the back also have their own toilets in strategically placed spaces.

It is clear that the house design is well thought of to ensure that every space is utilized while also providing all the occupants with everything they needed in their rooms.

All the rooms are large enough for double or queen-sized beds; though the master’s bedroom would be nicer if it has a king-sized bed.

The roof deck is the perfect place to hang out, night or day.

There’s even a couch for you to relax. You can go ‘camping’ and enjoy stargazing at this modern home.