Do you live in a tropical location? Then, it would be fantastic to take advantage of that by having a lovely deck just outside your doorstep. In this contemporary glass-and-concrete house, there’s a lovely deck with a picnic table. The house also features an impressive living room, huge kitchen and dining area, a large bedroom, and a hotel-like bathroom.

A superb place to live in, this modern home is built for comfort and style. There are two oversized couches in the living room while chic furnishings also add beauty to this home.

The white walls create a lovely contrast with the natural brown of the wooden floors.

Beautiful Deck, Beautiful Home

The deck with its picnic table and chairs is truly the perfect hangout to enjoy a good meal on lazy afternoons. This spot would also be the perfect complement to an outdoor pool, should you decide to have one built on your property.

This house is also built on a beautiful property with lots of trees, creating a nice tropical atmosphere.

Huge Living Room, Creative Spaces

Having a large house has plenty of advantages, including a huge living room where you can relax any time of the day. This spot can even convert to extra sleeping spaces if you have a lot of guests staying the night.

Some walls are made of floor-length glass that can be moved to create an opening that extends your living room to the outdoors. Perfect idea, right?

Just like the deck, the floors of this home are made of wood that look so rich and beautiful.

Modern Kitchen, Large Dining Area

This house has an impressive floor plan that features a large dining area beside the modern kitchen. There’s also a bar that divides the two spaces, yet also adds more dining spaces that are perfect if you have lots of guests.

Beautiful Bedroom and Bathroom

As expected of this contemporary home, the bedroom and bathroom both look so beautiful. This house really gives off a resort vibe that makes it a good place to live at any time of the year.

It would cost at least Php2.6 million to build this wonderful home.