Contemporary Grey House with 3 Bedrooms and Large Porch Design

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If you’re looking for a contemporary house design with 3 bedrooms, you’ve come to the right place. This might be the house of your dreams. It comes with a large porch design, spacious 3 bedrooms, and beautiful interiors.

 Contemporary Grey House frontview

This house comes with grey walls for the exteriors and powder blue for the interiors. But if you’re not so fond of these colors, you can always pick the ones you like.

Modern small house Japanese-style design with elegant interior views video

Spacious interiors, stylish ceilings, and a great floor plan make this house a good place to live in. Even the bathroom looks so nice and the windows adding beauty to this home any time of the year.

Just opposite the kitchen is a stylish bathroom with ivory-colored tiles and powder blue upper walls made of concrete. You can build this house for around Php1.8 million.