Choosing to build a house for you and your family is the first step to independence and security. But finding the right design can be a big challenge, especially if you have a lot of things in mind.

This contemporary house design creates an inspiration to many. With its 2 bedrooms and beautiful porch, this house can truly be an excellent choice for your family.

The grand entrance to this house already gives everyone a glimpse of what they could expect inside your home. This is perfect because first impressions last, after all. The ornate design at the front door looks fantastic.

Gorgeous Façade

Everything about this house is fantastic! The gorgeous façade features different colors that blend together in perfect harmony. While the house is mostly peach in color, white, orange, terracotta, and grey also create a stylish match.

There’s an emphasis on lines as this house features plenty of white lines to create accents across the exteriors. But the porch creates a sharp contrast with its mostly black prints on the railings and support beams.

Grand House Interiors

The reception hall is huge and could have several mini hangouts as long as you put a group of furniture over a particular space. This means that the house would be perfect even for a big family because you can create study areas in some parts and a workstation in another while still having enough space for the living room as well.

Beautiful Rooms and Bathrooms

This house features beautiful rooms and bathrooms, with one bedroom in sky blue and the other in baby pink. Both rooms have white ceilings and floors.

The two bathrooms also look grand and beautiful, each with ample space for a full shower area. Artsy tiles make the bathrooms look nicer.

Even the kitchen with its granite L-shaped countertops and grey walls is simply perfect for this modern home.

This 2-bedroom house was built for a budget of Php2.5 million.