Contemporary House Design with Unique Accents, Stylish Interiors

What makes this house better than others? It’s definitely the unique accents at the front portion that greatly upgrade its look. This house features a contemporary design with a strong entrance, large living room with home office space, beautiful bedrooms, large bathrooms, and a modern kitchen.

This house can definitely meet your needs for space, with plenty of different spots for varied activities.

Flat roofs designed in two sections are used for this modern home. The exterior walls are in grey while accents made of bricks in their natural colors are used for the frontage. There are also steel accents all over the exteriors.

Dream House Design, Unique Accents

Unlike many modern homes, this one doesn’t have a porch. But the entryway still has a deck-like design that you might want to convert into a porch or hangout, if you want one.

Although the exterior walls are painted in grey, there’s nothing boring about this home. The accents make the front look good while the contemporary design is really nice, even from afar. It’s a home that you can be proud of having as your own.

Large Living Room, Stylish Interiors

Take advantage of the large space by making a comfortable living room with space for a work station. If you have kids, this would also make a nice spot for a study area.

You can pick a couch that converts into a bed at night, making this perfect for sleepovers and movie marathons.

The interior walls are painted in white, allowing you to have a free hand in decorating your home in a theme you love.

Lovely Bedrooms, Nice Bathrooms

Made for comfort, the lovely bedrooms have huge beds and elegant curtains. There are also unique lights that double as decoration in your home.

This house also features nice bathrooms, with large spaces and a lovely mirror.

You might need to set aside Php1.8 million to build this contemporary home.