Contemporary House Features Extended Porch, Stylish Interiors

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Standing tall and sprawling across a wide piece of land, this contemporary house features an extended porch and stylish interiors. Though the exteriors are mostly in grey and some accents of brown and orange, the interiors look so lovely with different colors used on the walls.

The flat roofs are designed in such a way that different sections create a superb design that add beauty to this home.

The color scheme used throughout the house exteriors is perfectly matched by the black steel railings and brown skirting using stone-inspired tiles. The house has a good floor plan, providing enough space for all activities and spacing out the 3 bedrooms perfectly.

Contemporary Design

This home features a contemporary design with orange and brown accents to break the monotony of the grey exterior walls. The porch is huge, with a lovely recessed ceiling and beautiful wood furniture. Windows are large and have white trim that perfectly match the sliding glass doors.

This sprawling property was built for a budget of over Php2.2 million.