Contemporary Two-Bedroom House with Stylish Designs & Spacious Interiors

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When it comes to picking a house design, you could never go wrong in choosing a stylish one.

While comfort is your number one priority when building a house, style is also important to make sure that you will feel so much better as you live in your lovely abode.

In this contemporary 2-bedroom house, an emphasis is placed on the stylish details that you can see from the inside and out. The spacious interiors provide ample space for doing a lot of things as you bond with your family.

Using a combination of flat and sloped roofs, this home has an eye-catching unique design. Accents on the walls and on the posts add to the home’s curb appeal.

There’s a spacious carport to the right of this beautiful home. This doubles as a porch and hangout anytime of the year.

But there’s also a main porch by the entrance, featuring built-in benches to provide seating without the owners needing to buy additional furniture for the spot.

Just like many modern homes, this one features sliding double glass doors that directly open to a spacious living room.

The entire house makes use of the same floor marble-inspired tiles.

The living room has a lovely chandelier; though there are large glass windows that readily let natural light come in.

There are two bedrooms in this grand home. Both have ample space for queen beds plus an armoire and a dresser.

Large sliding glass windows are also placed in the rooms for added aesthetics.

The bathroom spells out elegance as this is decked in black and white tiles. A glass enclosure is also added in the shower area.

Meanwhile, the large L-shaped kitchen also uses black and white tiles for an elegant finish.

For added curb appeal, the porch is decorated with sandstone posts.

Wood panels are also placed on the walls for added style.

This lovely home is truly a joy to live in.