In building a house for your family, don’t just choose function but also form and style. Plan each part of the house to ensure that there is enough space for various activities while also providing each member a nice place to relax and rest.

This U-shaped house features a nice design that provides lots of space for various activities. With its unique U-style shape, the main entrance to the house is located at the inner part, with the two longer ends jutting out on both sides.

The right end of the U is for the common porch while the other end is also a porch that’s accessed from the master’s bedroom.

Unique House Design

With its U-shaped design, this house is unique. It makes use of different shades of blue and grey on the outside, with orange accents on the pillars that support the porch roofs.

White railings wrap around the porch for the master’s bedroom while the common porch has built-in benches, instead.

The house has flat roofs that contour above the U-shaped design, but the porch portions also have their own roofs that jut out from the front walls of the house.

Roomy Interiors

Due to its unique design, the interiors are roomy, with each bedroom having a private space that’s separated from the other areas.

The living room features a huge DIY wall clock with Roman numerals. The recessed ceilings at the grand hall look fantastic, with stylish lights that upgrade the look.

Beautiful Rooms, Nice Kitchen and Bathrooms

As expected, the rooms look beautiful and have large windows that look out to the view around the house. The master’s bedroom has sliding glass doors to access its private porch.

The kitchen looks nice with its L-shaped counters topped with granite. Sliding glass windows let the light in, while the white cabinet doors match the shape of the detail on the back door also painted in white.

This fancy 3-bedroom house may be built for a budget of Php2.4 million.