Set on a high platform that actually makes it at the same height as the second floor of most homes, this 2-bedroom contemporary vintage style house provides dwellers with a commanding view of its surroundings. This would be perfect for areas with beautiful views of nature.

With 140 sqm of space, this home is simply perfect for medium-sized families. Great also for growing families, you can always just add a room or two at the expansive space downstairs in the future, if needed.

This house is a combination of modern architecture and vintage style, with cutesy frills around the gutter that add to its charm.

Impressive Design

Although technically still a 1-story house, this home is tall enough to appear as a 2-story house but the space beneath is simply taken up by the supporting pillars. However, there are plenty of spaces that can be converted to future rooms or as a carport.

The roof combines both Thai gable and octagonal pyramid shapes, creating an impressive design that’s easy to spot even from afar.

Modern Interiors

Accessed from stairs decorated in both tiles and wood planks, the main floor of the house is modern and makes use of concrete and gray tiles on the floor. The walls and ceilings are painted in white while the door jambs and window frames are also set in white. The hall window is a set of sliding windows with white aluminum edges as well.

One of the rooms has an octagonal shape. It’s so beautiful.

Stylish Bathroom

This home has 1 stylish bathroom. The PVC door has a decorated glass portion at the top part and vents at the bottom. There’s a small, oval mirror at the top of the pedestal sink that matches the white toilet bowl set.

The bathroom has a simple showerhead but has provisions for a hot and cold shower. Due to its elevated platform, this 2-bedroom house needs a budget upwards of Php2 million.