Looking for a cool native house with a lovely balcony? This one might be the perfect look for your new home! The house is made of amakan, looks simple and comfortable, but also has great spaces for you to relax at any time of the day.

Made entirely of native materials, this beautiful house is a great place to live in for a small family. But this would also be perfect as a vacation home or an extra house to setup in your yard.

To ensure its longevity, the house is elevated and stands on cement footings. That’s something you have to do if you build a house made of wood and other native materials such as bamboo.

Cool Native House Design

The house looks great from the outside, though you shouldn’t expect it to be big and fancy. But it makes use of stylish accents at the balcony to upgrade its look.

White curtains create a privacy screen for your home but also contrast nicely to the native theme.

Gravel is used around the house but you can opt to create a patio and surround it with plenty of plants.

Lovely Balcony, Native Furniture Pieces

The lovely balcony wraps around two sides of the house and has ample space for hanging out any time of the day.

This beautiful spot is perfectly furnished by matching native pieces. But you can also sit or even sleep directly on the shiny bamboo floors. Just add a mat or mattress on the clean floor and this spot can easily convert to an extra sleeping space.

Great Details Inside and Out

What makes this house something that you can truly be proud of is that owners made sure to design it with great details inside and out. Plants are also placed strategically at spots around the house.

The house is made of double-walled bamboo and would cost around Php150,000 to build.