Home construction is costly, but if you are on a tight budget, you can still opt to make wise choices without compromising the beauty of a home you want to achieve. You can cut your costs along the way. Want to know the secret? It’s the non-traditional and innovative approach in regards to the structure. Here is a rundown of ideas you can try to consider:

Pre-fabricated design

You can still achieve your dream two-story home despite low budget- opt for pre-fabricated design. Pre-fabricated homes are way cheaper compared to traditional buildings. The good thing about prefab is that it offers modern designs.

Speed up the construction

The more the construction take long, the more it gets costly. Choose a design that will only take you 70% less of time. You may as well use wood and steel on your designs.

Wood Houses

Wood houses are very cost-efficient and at the same time, environment-friendly.

A Mobile Home

A mobile home is way cheaper than traditional buildings. There are lots of modern designs you can look into if you are in mobile homes. They ate typically assembled in the factory and will be transported to your place.

Metal Houses

You may use corrugated metal as a material for your house. It is usually used in the construction of farm and warehouses. If you like your house to appear elegant and stylish, you may try corrugated metal for your material.

Stone home

Achieving a stone home wouldn’t hurt much of your savings. You can have concrete to serve as the base and to make it look stunning, you can have grass to cover the structure.


Bricks are often used for brick houses. Although they aren’t really cheap to consider, it has a long term effect. Bricks are the best option if you want a home with good insulation. And by that means savings in the long run.

Source: Homify