A small house with beautiful colors, this cottage-style small house has a contemporary design that comes with a lovely little porch at the front and surprisingly spacious interiors.

The roof is shaped like a pyramid over the top of the main part of the house while the porch area has a gable design. The exterior walls have a nice paint design that makes use of specks and lines to create a nice effect.

Meanwhile, the interiors have beautiful colors and geometric prints that add interest to the look. Artsy lights are picked for various parts of the house, creating a nice design that upgrades the look of this beautiful home.

Modern Design, Nice Porch

This house has a modern design that comes with lovely glass windows, a purple door, and metal spandrels. The porch is small but still has ample space for relaxation and having fun. There are built-in benches along the porch so you don’t have to add furniture to the limited space.

Spacious Interiors

The interiors are surprisingly spacious, with a nice living room that has stylish ceilings and a beautiful carpet. Built-in cabinets provide a nice spot for the media items and art display.

At one end of the house is the dining area with a bar counter that separates the space from the living room. Lovely art pieces and artsy lights brighten up the bar and dining area. Indoor plants also make the place look nice.

Small but Nice Kitchen

The interiors have purple paint, with creative geometric lines that actually look interesting. The kitchen is small but nice. Set in a corner, the L-shaped counters are matched by the purple cupboards with open shelves and glass cabinet doors.

There’s also a separate single line counter at the opposite side.

Study Area in Charming Rooms

As expected in this lovely house, the rooms also have charming colors and nice decorations. The charming rooms have a study area for the kids and space for an office spot. This place would be perfect with built-in cabinets.

A house like this costs around Php1.2 million to build.