What kind of house do you want to live in? If you’re looking for a simple, cool native cottage, then this one could be the one you want to choose for your home. The bamboo walls and matching bamboo furnishings look nice, while the concrete floors ensure the longevity of your home. This house has one bedroom and a nice porch with a hammock.

This house has a native vibe and would definitely be perfect in a rural setting in a tropical country. The nipa roof and the bamboo walls ensure that the interior of your home remains cool even on the hottest summer days.

Cool Cottage, Porch with Hammock

The cool cottage is accentuated by the porch that comes with a hammock. It’s a nice spot for relaxation. But it’s also easy to keep the hammock so that the space can be used for hanging out.

The concrete floors ensure that the porch area can last for a longer time because the bamboo materials are away from the termites and other wood-boring insects.