This modern cottage with a sleek design, lovely deck, open-plan interiors, and stylish bathroom is a great choice to have as a home for you and your family. It’s suitable for a small family who doesn’t mind a multi-purpose living room that converts into a bedroom at night.

If that isn’t your kind of house for daily living, this could still make a great vacation home for your family.

The walls of this house are different in different shades of grey, with the darker shade matching the ones used for the steel posts. The floors of the deck are made of wood slabs that are shined to perfection while the interiors have wood-inspired ceramic tiles.

Lovely Deck, Sleek House Design

A fine place for hanging out, the deck features a built-in bench to one side, built using the same materials used on the deck.

The other portions of the deck don’t come with railings at all. You can either add planters to these areas or create railings, especially if kids will live in this home.

Open Plan House, Modern Materials

Insulation materials are used beneath the roofs to ensure that the flat style won’t cause overheating inside your home.

There are many reasons why this house is a great place to live in – and one of these is the small footprint that makes it easier to build, clean, and maintain.

Of course, that means that there’s no bedroom in this house, but you can either set up one at a spot or create an extension to one side.

Compact Kitchen, Stylish Bathroom

There’s space at one corner for a compact kitchen. Make sure you don’t put a lot of stuff in this home to reduce clutter and make the place still look spacious despite the spatial limitations.

Built-in cabinets would be perfect for this modern home, with convertible furniture pieces also preferred.

This modern cottage costs around Php1 million to build.