With 75 sq.m. of space, this beautiful country style 2-bedroom house has a charming design that makes it a great place to live in. This lovely home has a lovely teal and white color combination.

Country Style 2-Bedroom

Inside, the walls are painted in white to make the place look larger.

This home features a gable roof and beautiful wood carvings as accents. There’s a nice porch to hang out at the front while the huge couch in the living room can easily convert as an extra bed at night.

Stylish interior designs make this house look elegant. Everything in this house is well thought of so that there is no wasted space.

Gorgeous Outdoors and Porch

This home is a beauty to behold, thanks to its gorgeous exterior design and lovely porch made from wood materials. Even the concrete floor at the bottom of the stairs has a wood flooring that actually makes it nicer.

Country Style 2-Bedroom porch

The wood railings of the porch are painted in white while the floors are in brown. There’s a built-in bench for relaxation anytime of the day.