When one thinks about a cottage, brown wooden homes will often come to mind. But the owners of this modern country-style cottage updated the design with blue and white paint.

With a budget of just Php150,000 ($2,900), you and your family can have this simple home that’s perfect in a rural setting with green gardens around. The elevated platform is a common design for many rural homes, but this updated cottage features modern designs, such as a blue gable roof and a concrete base.

The house also has tiled floors for the porch area and stairs; though you might want to update the pattern to a woodsy design.

Terrace and Front Area

Set on a platform that is 1.2 meters high, the house is definitely a nice place to hang out, morning or night. The side terrace has a bench and an open roof backrest. This spot is perfect for relaxing while enjoying the view around the house.

One step higher is a bigger side terrace that also doubles as an open-air living room. This could also work as a dining spot.

The main terrace has beautiful wood balusters painted in white. This is the part where you can find the door which is painted with two shades of brown for added effect.

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