A couple who were struggling to get a bank loan finally achieved their dream house with a gift from a drunk friend! And many netizens are jokingly asking where they can find such a friend so they can also have a house. LOL.

Drunken Joke, Real House

Buying a house isn’t something that’s easy to achieve for many people. After all, it’s not like a house is just a couple of hundred or thousand pesos. The lot purchase alone can cost you several thousand (or million) pesos!

For Celyn Rafar and her husband, it’s something that they were able to achieve with the help of a drunk friend at their wedding party. The post went viral because everyone was amazed that it all started out as a drunken joke but it would become real for the couple.


According to Celyn, just like everyone else who get married and start a family, she and her husband had always wanted to have a house. But things didn’t work out the way they planned after her husband lost his job due to the pandemic.

Losing the job also meant that the couple couldn’t get a bank to approve their loan.

They were having a wedding party and the matter was brought up in their conversation with friends. One of these friends promised to help them get money to buy their dream house!

While the couple didn’t take the joke seriously because their friend was drunk at the time, they were quite surprised when this friend handed them a check for Php2 million the following day! Thanks to this money, the couple was able to buy their dream house.

It wasn’t a gift but more of a loan, yet the couple were already so happy about it because the friend isn’t even charging them a high interest rate for it. It’s cheaper than getting the loan from the bank.

Where can you find a friend who’d gladly loan you Php2 million? Impressive!