Cozy 1-Bedroom House with Modern Design, Functional Porch

We all love to look at grand, beautiful mansions, but for most families, practicality and their budget come first. That’s why compact house designs are also popular, such as this cozy 1-bedroom house with a modern design, functional porch, stylish bedroom, and a nice living room.

Having a simple house like this means being practical with both the construction and maintenance. It can cost less than grand homes, but can still be a cozy place to live in.

This modern home features a sloping flat roof that’s also economical to build, yet looks great with the design. Although this house remains unfinished, you can opt for your favorite colors to brighten up the exterior walls.

Contemporary Home with Functional Porch

What are you looking for in a home? For many, it’s having a porch they can hang out in, plus comfortable bedrooms.

For this home, the porch doesn’t just serve as a hangout but also doubles as a stock room for some goods that can be stored outdoors, plus a mini garage for the family’s motorcycle.

To achieve this multi-purpose porch, the homeowners opt to put the porch at the same level as the ground. But if you have other plans for this space, you can simply use the design as inspiration and create built-in benches.

Lovely Interiors, Huge Windows

Despite the house being incomplete, it already features lovely interiors that can be easily upgraded when the budget allows. The shiny wood-inspired floor tiles are in brown, merging a modern but native look.

You can paint the walls in white or choose your favorite colors. Space is limited in this compact home, so it’s a good idea to pick furnishings that can be used for different purposes and have a smaller footprint.

Charming Bedroom, Simple Bathroom

The bedroom is rather charming in this cozy house, with a mix of white and green walls. Built-in cabinets would be perfect for this bedroom.

Although the bathroom looks simple, it’s functional and something that you can upgrade later, anyway.

You can build this house for around Php1.2 million.