What do you build on a small, slightly sloping lot with a low but sharp drop to one side? Well, you can pick a house like this cozy little home that features a creative loft, a stylish balcony, a welcoming living room, and a modern kitchen that can make food preparation easy for you and your family.

Having a small footprint puts this house to a big advantage because it definitely fits in a tiny lot but still looks fantastic inside and out. It could even be great for your wallet in terms of construction and maintenance.

This cozy home also makes clever use of plants as a natural decoration in the house.

Stylish Balcony, Great House Design

With the cliff-like drop set to the side where the balcony is located, this house design affords you with a stunning view of the surroundings. Of course, it helps to have a great view around you, just like this house which looks out to a green field nearby and the sea.

Most parts of this house are made of wood, creating a great look that you should make sure to protect against termites.

Beautiful House Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

Considering that it’s a tiny house, it’s impressive for this one to have plenty of space. That’s because the compact floor plan ensured that there’s no wasted space in this home.

An oversized sofa is set in the living room, but it serves a dual purpose because it can become an extra bed for guests.

There’s also a small table for dining or for use as your home office. It shares part of the living room space.

Superb Kitchen, Creative Loft

The kitchen is one of the best places to splurge in when building your home – and that seems to be the case in this one. This spot features granite tiles, built-in cabinets, and modern items. Even the oven is built in.

Up the curved staircase is the loft with its beautiful wood floors. You can put the bed directly on the floor.

This cozy little house can cost Php1 million or less.