Whether you are looking for a log cabin for a recreational home or something you can use the whole year round, this 2-bedroom log cabin design by Coventry Log Homes, Inc. is something you are sure to love.

A cozy log cabin with a chalet style, this design features a charming porch that welcomes residents and visitors alike to this small but beautiful home.

With a footprint of 14 ft x 26 ft, this lovely home is small, but it has everything you need – the basic ones you would require in a house.

The perfect cottage for a holiday getaway with friends or as a year-round home, this log cabin features a welcoming atmosphere in its huge living room with ample space for two comfortable couch pieces. It’s up to you to decorate this home with a TV and sound system.

There’s a table and some chairs in the open plan living and dining room, while the kitchen has enough space for weekend supplies. This can be expanded, of course, to your liking.

Towards the corner of the house after the kitchen area, the log cabin’s toilet and bathroom can be found. Opposite the toilet and bath are the master’s bedroom.

Although it is smaller than what most people are used to in regular homes, the bedroom in this cozy log cabin still actually has space enough for a queen-sized bed.

The smaller bedroom is designed for kids or extra guests, with the possibility of placing either double-decker beds or twin sets.

There’s also a provision for the loft where you can convert into another room or use the space for storage.