For those looking for a beautiful home with an affordable price tag, this 3-bedroom cream color house design would be a great idea! This house looks beautiful inside and out, with its color scheme truly pleasing to the eye.

From the front, the house looks charming with its cream-colored walls and orange accents around the windows and the main door. But grey is also used around the platform and on the steel railings at the porch area.

This home would make a nice abode no matter the setting but would be best suited near the beach. It has modern design features, including the flat roofs and stylish pillars made of concrete and steel.

Welcoming Porch, Beautiful Home

The large porch spans the length of the house, with its elevated position giving you a better view of the area around your home. Make sure to plant a garden to perfectly complement this beautiful house design.

While the stairway is covered with brown wood-inspired tiles, the porch has white tone tiles. One side of this porch features a built-in bench with a comfortable back.

Lovely Interiors

This home would make a wonderful place to stay, whether as a family member or a guest. The large sliding glass doors also create a welcoming entrance to your home while the large space inside would be ideal for various family gatherings.

Floor-length windows make the living room look sophisticated while the dark brown doors for the bedrooms also look elegant.

Comfortable Bedrooms

As expected, the bedrooms in this house are cool and comfortable. Just like the living room, the bedrooms also feature floor-length curtains for added beauty. You can fill this house with any furniture that best suits your style.

What makes this 3-bedroom house perfect is that not only does it look so beautiful, it was also built for an affordable budget of Php800,000.