Creative & Stylish House Design with Colorful Walls

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With its eye-catching orange exteriors, this house is clearly a head-turner and could easily stand out in your neighborhood. But the outside walls are not the ones with beautiful colors. The interiors come with bright candy-colored walls that create a cheerful atmosphere. Truly, this is a beautiful place to call your home.

This stylish house is set in a large yard with a garden and lots of ornamental plants all around. The tropical setting creates a perfect backdrop for this lovely house with colors that pop out but are still pleasing to the eyes.

The flat roof and the printed accent wall are added into the modern design for aesthetics.

Modern House Design

This house boasts of a modern design that makes it suitable for building in any location. It is complemented by a beautiful garden and some sturdy trees.

The accent wall adds support to the house while also adding curb appeal to your home. Unlike many modern houses, however, this one does not have a porch. A patio extends from the house. It still has space for some chairs around a small table.

Colorful Interiors, Superb Interiors

The living room features purple walls, recessed ceiling with stylish lights, display cabinets, and lovely curtains. This part of the house might be purple but one wall is painted in orange for accent. Plants also help brighten up the space. There are also plenty of artwork all over this house.

This contemporary house was built for around Php1.8 million.