With its brightly colored walls and 3 nice bedrooms, this cute cottage is a great place to live in. It would be perfect for a growing family and is nice enough for people of all ages to stay in, especially because there is only a short flight of stairs to climb.

This cottage looks fun even from afar, what with its bright green walls and white trim that perfectly complements the design. It would be perfect for a location by the beach but would also look nice in a rural or even an urban setting.

You’ll surely enjoy staying in this beautiful home.

Beautiful Design, Lovely Porch

Thanks to its beautiful design, this house easily stands out from the neighborhood despite its small size. The lovely porch at the front is a great place to hang out. It extends to the end of the façade, though the porch roof is just at the middle portion.

Access to the house is from the side of the porch, but the sliding glass doors directly open to the living room. This house truly has a beautiful design.

Elegant Style, Bright Walls

The cottage features elegant interiors that come with a mix-matched sofa set, interesting floor tiles, and a modern dining set. The lights are also quite interesting in this lovely house, particularly the one in the dining area.

Just like the exteriors, the walls inside the house also have bright green paint. But the white windows and ceilings actually tone down the brightness and make the place look nicer.

Modern Kitchen, Lovely Rooms

This house features a modern kitchen that also makes use of the white and bright green color scheme. Built-in kitchens look fantastic amid the modern design, with a stainless-steel hood above the induction stove.

The rooms look lovely and placed facing each other, with access from a short hallway. This house also features a beautiful ceiling design at the main hall.

This beautifully designed house costs around Php1.6 million to build.