Fancy a tiny house with a cute design? That’s what you can get in this house, which features a vertical design idea for small lots. There’s a small patio at the front, leading up to the house, but it can be something that you can convert into a full porch. There’s a loft bedroom, a modern kitchen, and a lovely bathroom.

What’s great about this house is that it has a tiny footprint that lets you build on a tiny piece of property, yet would also be a good choice as a vacation home or an extra space in your property.

You can even opt to rent it out for some extra income.

Tiny But Tall, Beautiful Accents

This house doesn’t have a full porch, but you can always extend the patio from the stairs to build one. Doing that might even increase this house’s curb appeal.

Despite being tiny, the house is tall and is around two stories high. However, the second floor area isn’t really a regular one because it’s designed more like a loft bedroom that occupies just half of the area.

Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is small and can’t handle cooking for large meals but it can suit a small family, especially if there are only one or two people living here.

For this limited space, you might consider choosing kitchen appliances that you can use for different purposes. A burner stove would be best for this spot.

Beautiful Loft Bedroom, Nice Bathroom

There’s a lot to love in this charming little house, including the loft bedroom accessed from stairs that also double as a closet and drawer space. Steel railings make the staircase sturdier. There are also stair railings for the loft area.

As expected, the bathroom is also tiny but it’s fully functional and has nice amenities. Even if it has a second-floor space, this house wouldn’t take you over Php1 million to build. You can even build it for around Php500, depending on the materials used.