Looking for a 1-bedroom house with a soothing green theme? This house might be the right one for you. It features 1 bedroom with a cute vanity table, a nice porch at the front for hanging out, a compact floor plan, and a nice green theme for the exteriors and interiors.

It might be small but this house is a nice one to live in, especially for a small family. You can share the bedroom or convert the living room to an extra sleeping area at night.

This cute house with a green theme would be perfect with a lush garden and lots of flowers around.

Small, Modern House with Green Colors

There’s a nice porch at the front of this house, with railings made of cement and decorated concrete. This space can double as built-in benches or an additional spot for your plant collection.

Exteriors are painted in a bright avocado green that perfectly matches the green surroundings featuring lots of plants. GI sheets are used for the roof, but you can always opt for a long-span color roof material for your home.