Choosing a small home can be a good idea because it’s easy on the wallet – whether construction or maintenance. Just like this cute home with raised posts, a lovely balcony, a charming bedroom, and a lovely design. It’s great as your kids’ playhouse, extra guest house, or even as your home (though you’ll have to make additions, such as putting a bathroom and adding a kitchen.

The house itself is made mostly of wood materials but features a stylish design that you’ll surely love. There are concrete footings at the base of the posts to ensure stability for your adorable little home.

Cute Style, Nice Balcony

This cute little house might not be a practical choice for many but it can be a good place to stay if you live alone or with a small family. Space is a big challenge in this home, but you can enjoy hanging out at the balcony to admire the view and enjoy the fresh air.

Because the floors are made of wood, you can opt to sit on them or add some light furniture pieces to update your home.

The railings with their “X” design might look simple, but they are great for keeping this spot safe. Just be extra careful if you have babies or young toddlers who might get through these railings.

Beautiful Bedroom, Adorable Decorations

It might be small and simple but this house is something that you can be proud of, especially its beautiful bedroom. There’s a single bed that has space beneath for your kids’ toys or baskets filled with your clothes.

Every side of the house features a window to ensure that there’s always fresh air to keep it cool, but there’s also a ceiling fan in case there’s no breeze. Some shelves are mounted on the wall to add decorations.

This house costs around Php100,000 or less to build.